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February 2020

Palm Air Transportation Merges with AmRide

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Dear Palm-Air Transportation Clients,

Shane and I are excited to announce that Palm-Air has merged with AmRide.

AmRide is a Connecticut based, privately owned company with an outstanding track record that conducts a similar business model to Palm-Air and most importantly, brings many new and exciting benefits for Palm-Air clients. Shane will continue to drive, and I will work with the AmRide team in the office.

Your service will continue uninterrupted and with immediate added benefits.

Effective immediately you can begin to take advantage of several benefits AmRide brings:

  • Lower Rates – we have revised our pricing and overall you will have a 10-15% savings
  • Additional Services – for doctor visits, errands around town, out to dinner and long trips
  • Additional drivers with newer vehicles ready to serve you
  • An online reservation system on the improved Palm-Air Transportation website
  • The Palm-Air phone number – 239-989-3881, will remain unchanged
  • 24 Hour Customer Service – Call 855-426-7433.  Someone is always there
  • Mobile App, easy to use ride scheduling with your Apple or Android mobile App. Go to your App store and download the AmRide mobile App.
  • Pre-Schedule Rides – Schedule your rides days or weeks in advance
  • Multiple Locations – Use AmRide throughout Florida, New England, New York, Midwest and more.

Visit the AmRide website for service areas

I continue to have great joy working with each of our clients to grow our successful business that is enjoyed and trusted by so many. I have 100% confidence in AmRide’s ability to improve the level of service to all Palm-Air clients. We will do this with a strong and experienced team based in Naples, headed by Jason Hess ( (Cell:773-306-9227) the Southwest Florida Manager.

Shane and I will remain an integral part of Palm-Air and will work with the AmRide team and in assisting you.  We are excited to work together to provide the best experience and with the added help, we will have a little more time to spend with our family.

As with any change there may be questions.  Please feel free to email or call Jason or myself at Palm-Air or on my cell 765-215-4882. We look forward to assisting you.

Sincerely,                                                                                      Sincerely,

Denise DeWitt                                                                             Jason Hess                                                                              Owner, Palm Air Transportation                                             Southwest Florida, Managing Partner, AmRide

Shane DeWitt                                                                                                                                                                                        Owner, Palm Air Transportation